Explore the following links for Artisans and Craft Makers in the broom industry.

Canadian customers:

  1. The Canadian government requires a phytosanitary certificate signed by the United States of Agriculture for each order of broomcorn that crosses the border. You need one per order and each order is inspected by the USDA at my warehouse. The cost for

    non -commercial order certificates is $70.

  2. The cost of shipping is depending on location and amount ordered but general shipping costs are $45 on a 10 lb box and $90 to $100 on the 50 lb boxes.

  3. For an exact quote, please email me at katie@caddysupply.com with your full shipping address and product order.

  4. Hamel Brooms sometimes has broomcorn available to sell , please call them at +1 519-664-1117

Craft Broom Makers:

The Broom House - Justin Burton runs a full time shop in Berea, KY and is always willing to help out with useful tips on broommaking.

Mountain Heritage Handcraft- Mark Hendry has over 30 years experience our industry. Check out his brooms and baskets linked along with a teaching schedule. Based in North Carolina and Georgia area.

The Basket Lady - Bev Larson has classes in person listed on her site and Facebook page.

Haydenville Broomworks - See their broom making process page for a great tutorial with pictures.

Thompson's Brooms - Wayne and Lisa have years of experience in dying broomcorn different colors.

The Dancing Goats Folk Studio - Broom making lessons on YouTube and offer classes listed on their website. 



  • groups.yahoo.com/group/broommakers/ -This news group is a clearinghouse for broommakers and those interested in the craft. It is hoped that it will become a clearinghouse for access to tools, materials, designs and ideas for broommakers. Information on the history, culture or craft of broommaking is welcome. Individuals with tools or equipment to sell can post them on this bulletin board.

  • http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/natbltn/600-699/nb685.htm -The Forest Preserve District of Cook County (Illinois) maintains a brief history of broom making.