FAQ - Order Policy


What does it mean if a product is set to $0? 

Due to website constraints on shipping, we calculate the costs and price for you. Please send an email with the product name, quantity, and shipping address. We will email or call to finalize the order. 

How do I pick up something in store?

Please email to confirm location, date requested to pick up, and availability of product. We will do our best to work with you. Please give advance notice of at least 24 hours.

How do I return something?

Returns are handled on a case by case basis. Please email kenneth@caddysupply.com with your order number, issue, and what you would like to return. We will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

How do I place an order online?

Browse your products by category or see all by clicking on ALL PRODUCTS. We also have a search function on our home page underneath the picture gallery.

1.  From any product, click Add to Cart. 

2. Click Shopping Cart in the top-right corner to start the checkout process. In the shopping cart, the customer can change the quantity of products or remove products. 

3. Click Checkout. Clicking the Checkout button opens a payment screen. The customer will need to add their billing information, select shipping options for physical products, and confirm their order. 

4. Once the billing, shipping, and payment information are added, click Continue to place the order. An order confirmation will display, and you will receive an email confirmation.

When does my card get charged? What types of card do we accept?

You will be charged as soon as you finish checking out. We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, checks and money orders by mail. 

What happens if I add to my cart without checking out and return later?

Products added to your shopping cart will remain in the cart indefinitely. If you leave the site and come back later, the cart will appear as you left it, unless the item is discontinued. You will receive a one time email reminding you about the order. 

If I live outside of the US, can I use your online shop?

Our website only processes orders to US. Please use our Contact Us form to the left with items and quantities you are looking to purchase. We will be in contact with you to fulfill your order if possible.

Legal disclaimer and Conditions of Use

We stand by our product. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Broomcorn is a natural plant. We try our very best to sort, select, clean, and treat the broomcorn before it arrives to you. However due to the nature of the product, variance will occur. Not every strand will be perfect in regards to stalk or fiber length. Dirt or bugs may be in the box or on some strands.

Broomcorn is treated with pesticides for the sugarcane aphid. Use at your own risk. Do not put broomcorn in your mouth. Always practice good hygiene when working with the product. We stand by our product and if you have any issues with your broomcorn, please contact us so we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Caddy Supply Company will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any Caddy Supply service, information, content, or materials, included on or otherwise made available to you through our service including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages, unless otherwise specified in writing.