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Broomcorn Insides 16", 18", 20"


16”, 18”, and 20” insides are available and sold in 25 lb boxes. Please call or email if you are interested in ordering bales. Bales of 16” insides are around 95 lbs. Bales of 18” and 20” insides are around 130 lbs.

Broomcorn Insides have been trimmed with stalks of 1 to 4 inches and are typically wound against the handle. Insides are often used with a longer outside (hurl) to make a more cost efficient but still all corn broom.

So one would typically use a 18" inside with 20" hurl for a standard warehouse broom, and 16" insides with 18" hurl for a smaller kitchen broom. You would need a 2:1 ratio of insides to hurl (outsides).

Broomcorn should be stored in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Well stored broomcorn can last for years.

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