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Broomcorn Insides 16", 18", 20" - Call to Order


Broomcorn Insides have been trimmed with stalks of 1 to 4 inches and are typically wound against the handle. Insides are often used with a longer outside (hurl) to make a more cost efficient but still all corn broom.

So one would typically use a 18" inside with 20" hurl for a standard warehouse broom, and 16" insides with 18" hurl for a smaller kitchen broom. You would need a 2:1 ratio of insides to hurl (outsides).

Available in 16", 18", 20" lengths in #1  or #2 grade. Priced by the pound at bale weight.

Bales weight  usually average from 90 lbs. for 16" to 120 lbs. for the 20". 


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