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Craft Broomcorn - 50 lb box


Broomcorn is the best fiber for broom making due to its natural ability to catch and hold dust.

Craft broomcorn runs 26" to 34" long from stalk end to fiber end. The 50 lb box is measures at 36 L x 14w x 18h. There will be variances in different crops and in individual boxes. This craft broomcorn has been sorted for longer fiber lengths and shorter stalks. However, we also have the opposite, craft sorted for shorter fiber and longer stalks - please call or email if you are interested.

Broomcorn should be stored in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Well stored broomcorn can last for years.  Craft broomcorn or broom straw is not processed and is grown in central areas of Mexico. It has been fumigated and allowed in the US in accordance with US Department of Agriculture regulations.

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CRAFT 4.23.18.jpg