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Natural Tampico Fiber


Natural Tampico Fiber is sold in 10 lb. box. The fiber has a soft to medium texture ideal for brush making.

Available lengths: 4-3/4" - 6.2”- 8-3/4" - 9"

This fiber makes excellent brush fiber for sweeping and scrubbing. It is flexible enough to be bent in half and staple set making it ideal for brushes.

It is from cactus known by its common name, lxtle. The Agave Lechugilla plant is unique to northern Mexico where it only grows in the high altitude deserts. After the cactus leaf is harvested the fibers inside the leaf are extracted, dried, and processed to length.

Other lengths are available, but not shorter than 4” and no longer than 13". Please call or email for details. Tampico is not treated with any chemicals.

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