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16" Processed Broomcorn

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Processed broomcorn is also known as 'Hurl'. Priced per lb. and available in 12" to 22" in Length. We can ship in bales - please call to order in this volume. Price discount available. 

Average Bale Weight in Lbs.

              Item Wt/Lbs 

  1. 12" Hurl         90
  2. 14" Hurl         90
  3. 16" Hurl       100
  4. 18" Hurl       110
  5. 20" Hurl       120
  6. 22" Hurl       130

What is Hurl versus Craft Broomcorn?

Hurl is sold in bales where the stalks have been removed from the rest of the fiber, and each strand has individually separated fibers giving a 'burst' effect.

Hurl is most commonly used with broomcorn Insides to make household brooms on a 15/16 x 42" handle.

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