What do I need to build my best broom? Updated .

A Broommaker's starter kit.

You want to start making your own brooms? You came to the right place. Whether it is going to be a large scale operation, a weekend hobby, craft fairs, or something else, Caddy Supply has got you covered. 

For most new broom makers, we recommend the following items:

  1. 10 lb. box of craft broomcorn
  2. Twine (Nylon or Hemp) and/or a coil of tinned wire
  3. Needle + Knife (Optional: sewing cuff).
  4. Handles

Depending on what type of broom, we realize you also might need knives, processed hurl, scissors, a tying table, a footwinder or a tying frame.  You will also need some way to soak the broomcorn before starting the broom making process. For a standard kitchen broom,  it takes about 13 oz to 16 oz. of hurl. You will have to plunge the broomcorn in a sink for 5 to 10 seconds, then promptly remove it and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Once the broomcorn is more subtle to work with, you can start winding around a handle.

We also have information regarding broom equipment including kickwinders, sewing vices, and broom trimmers. 

If you want to build different types of broom with processed hurl, we recommend the following lengths.

  • Standard Kitchen Broom- 18"
  • Turkey Wing Whisk - 16"
  • Mini Whisk Broom- 14"
  • Pot scrubbers -  12"

Further reading material and instructions on whisk making, please visit here!