What do I need to build my best broom?

A Broommaker's starter kit.

You want to start making your own brooms? You came to the right place. Whether it is going to be a large scale operation, a weekend hobby, craft fairs, or something else, Caddy Supply has got you covered. 

For most new broom makers, we recommend the following items:

  1. 10 lb. box of craft broomcorn - Craft is the broomcorn needed for any type of braiding or weaving of the stalks. Perfect for round brooms or cobweb brooms.

  2. Twine (Nylon or Hemp) - The $15 tarred black twine is the highest strength and will help grip to the broomcorn

  3. Optional for sewing - Needle, Stitching clamp, knife

  4. Optional - Handles, 12” ash is perfect for cobwebs, we also have 48” handles for kitchen brooms.

  5. If you want to build different types of broom with processed hurl, we recommend the following lengths.

    • Standard Kitchen Broom- 18" +

    • Turkey Wing Whisk - 14, 16, or 18"

    • Mini Whisk Broom- 14"

    • Pot scrubbers - 12"

Depending on what type of broom, we realize you also might need knives, processed hurl, scissors, a tying table, a footwinder or a tying frame.  You will also need some way to soak the broomcorn before starting the broom making process. For a standard kitchen broom,  it takes about 13 oz to 16 oz. of hurl. You will have to plunge the broomcorn in a sink for 5 to 10 seconds, then promptly remove it and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Once the broomcorn is more suitable to work with, you can start winding around a handle.

We also have information regarding broom equipment including kickwinders, sewing vices, and broom trimmers. 

Further reading material and instructions on whisk making, please visit here!